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2020 NEO USBA/WBA Virtual Power Breaking Tournament


Please enter date in MM/DD/YYYY format.


Breaking Location

Enter the # of boards attempting to break in Power Wood Division

Enter the # of bricks attempting to break in Power Concrete Divi



Taking Place via Zoom on Friday Night August 7th 202 at 5:00pm. Will follow the same successful format as the last USBA/WBA Virtual Power Breaking Competition. More details canbe found on the USBA/WBA Website, www.USBAWBA.com

Spectator Pricing: FREE. Spectators can watch live on Facebook, Youtube & Twitch
Material Pricing: Competitors may supply their own materials.
– USBA/WBA Boards can be purchased online– 1x10x12, 1/2x10x12, 1/2x6x12- Go to https://usbawba.org/store/boards
Board sizes are based on competitor age-7 yrs. and under-1/2″x6″x12″, 8-12-1/2″x10″x12″, 13 and over-1″x10″x12″. These sizes are used for all Power divisions.
– Patio Blocks contact your local concrete dealer.
– Spacers: Carpenter pencils must be used for all spaced wood and concrete breaks. One break per stack. All materials must be counted directly after the break and communicated to the Director.
Other info:No USBA/WBA Tournament Records will be counted for any breaking divisions in this event. No points will be awarded.
Competitor order will be chosen at random and will be emailed to competitors.
Competitor must specify the number of materials set up for breaking prior to the start of the event. Competitors may not adjust their number once the event has begun. Material counts should be entered on your online registration under the category chosen in the space provided.
Competitors entering multiple divisions in a category (example: Wood Hand, Wood Elbow, and Wood Foot) must complete all three breaks when they are called on ZOOM. There is a 1 minute time limit to complete all breaks in a category.
Martial Arts Uniform and Belt are strongly encouraged.
Prizes will be awarded for all divisions.